Best Six-Second Milkshake Recipe

Hello readers, How is everythings? Hope all are well. Today we will learn a cool milkshake recipe which is called Six Second Milkshake. Let’s go to ingredients for Milkshake Recipe.Milkshake Recipe

Ingredients for Six-Second Milkshake Recipe. Here these are:

  • First you must have Splash of milk.
  • 1 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream chocolate syrup.

As the recipe is cool it’s ingredients are too much cool. Not a full bag of ingredients you will need for milkshake recipe. When you have all the ingredients then you must need to know about instruction for this recipe. Bellow you will find this instruction.

Super simple Instructions for Six-Second Milkshake Recipe

  1. As you know first add all of the ingredients, in the order they appear, to the Party Mug and mix with Nutribullet till it become smooth.
  2. When all the ingredients become smoother then it is ready for serve immediately with your friends and Family.

If you wish to drink your milkshakes with a tiny straw, add more of milk to skinny it out and mix to a small degree a lot of. If you wish to create an outsized batch of milkshakes, double or triple the ingredients and use the curative liquidiser.

For a Blueberry Milkshake pass over the chocolate and add a hand packed with contemporary or frozen blueberries.

For a Strawberry Milkshake add a paw of contemporary or frozen strawberries.

For a Chocolate Monster Milkshake use chocolate frozen dessert and add in your favorite bite-size candy.

For Mimi’s Chocolate Chocolate Mint Milkshake add 1/4 of a chocolate candy and 2 visible radiation mint candies.

For a Bullet Blizzard add small coloured chocolate candies to the regular Milkshake Recipe.

For a pole add a mint patty to the regular Milkshake.